The Delightful Drooko


In these days of inclement weather, my thoughts turned to the estimable Drooko. According to advertisements about the Drooko umbrella, it was

  • wear-resistant
  • guaranteed not to cut
  • rolls up neatly
  • is registered
  • cannot be had elsewhere

Repairs and recovering were offered:

Umbrellas repaired with the utmost expedition. On receipt of a Post Card our Parcel Carriages, Tricycles, or Messengers will call at any City or Suburban address for Umbrellas to be Repaired or Re-covered and return them when finished

Umbrellas to be Re-covered or Repaired can be sent from any Village or Town Post-Office in the United Kingdom to our Nearest Address.
We return “Post Free”

I am promised, from the advertsing, that if I do bring my old Umbrella (a Drooko of course) from its hiding-place, and  it is in a sorry state of disrepairs, then I may “send it to any of the “Drooko” Establishments, and get it re-covered with “Drooko”. When it gets a new roof, and is refurbished, it will “look a’maist as weel’s the new.” Hurrah.


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